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How Would the Blade Flurry Animation Look with Mace Animation in PoE

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/27/18 15:24:34 Views: 189

In medieval battlefields a sword wouldn't be your main weapon. You'd probably have a polearm as your main weapon. In melee fights between armored knights the weapon with the most kills was the dagger. You'd NEVER fight with the dagger but you'd fight with a polearm/sword and try to wrestle the enemy on the ground. 



If you manage to trip the enemy you'd get on top of them, pull out your dagger and slit their throat or stab them in their armpit. It's a lot easier to maneuver a short blade between the armor plates than your standard arming sword. U4GM.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe items for trade with instant delivery.


1) originally skins for x weapon type only worked on x weapon type. In this case, the sword skin your using is on an axe or mace, which wasnt usually allowed since it caused offcenter idle animations like this. The community asked for the ability regardless and GGG provided. Having this (even if you think it looks dumb) as an option is a net gain.


2) If you don't like how it looks, dont use it. It's an mtx so not using it doesnt harm your gameplay in any way. Just take it off and put another skin on. There are plenty of other good looking skins without wonky idle animations.


3) if you complain about cost, again, just don't buy it. It's an mtx. If you expected it to look in a certain way in this scenario and you feel like youve been cheated in some way, contact support. They're usually really supportive in cases like these where you expected something other than what you got. If you feel like it shouldn't cost as much as it does given this (honestly relatively inconsequential) issue, then don't buy it or wait for a sale until you feel it worthwhile. Things in the shop are generally overpriced anyway since its a monetary support system for GGG more than anything.


4) Probably most importantly, fixing it has more implications than what you might expect. I'm not gonna sit here and explain how GGG's code works because frankly we don't know, but it's safe to assume that if it could be easily fixed then it would have been already. There's probably some implication to changing the grip animation that would take a reasonable amount of time to fix; time that they don't have often since their schedules are already very packed.

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