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Enjoy Final Fantasy XIV Online GO On Android IOS And Windows Phone

Final Fantasy XIV Date: Apr/04/18 11:21:17 Views: 184

For once that Square Enix announces a smartphone game that hype a little crowds, it must be a 1st April ...


Square Enix has just hit a big blow by announcing the release of Final Fantasy XIV Online GO - for Gathering Outdoors - a direct competitor of Pokemon GO as an application companion to the MMORPG.



A certain Haimirich Fischer, VP Innovation at Square Enix (it is well found), and Adalberta Gardner, lead designer at Amajina Apps (small reference to FFXIV), explain the concept of the application in video. Notifications allow players to gather at nodes in the real world to farm resources with a simple tap on their screen, a real revolution! An accessory as useful as the Pokemon GO Plus (so indispensable) was also unveiled, the Harvesting Stick. It's his creator Futoshi Ito, Mind Guru in chief at Fufucha Design - Lalafells are everywhere, know it! - which explains its operation more than ingenious. It turns the smartphone into a mining hammer or a botanist's ax, boosting the efficiency of our actions (and it makes really cool in passing). And you can even use it as a fishing rod - make sure the phone is waterproof all the same - it's really great. However, the application will not run on Nokia 3310, which would have been very useful for cutting trees.


A website has even been created for the occasion, with a small description of the experience that looks like a future planetary cardboard:


FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO brings the thrilling experience of gathering to wherever you are, transforming your location into a literal hub of gathering nodes.


With the unique combination of Square Enix's cutting-edge software and your smartphone geolocation capabilities, you can harvest in-game resources outdoors, in the real world.


GO brings our incredible community even closer together. By connecting with your friends you can discover what Eorzea has to offer in your own city, country, or beyond! Also, a easy way for you to gain FFXIV money fast is to buy cheap FFXIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. If you want to buy cheapest gils, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.


Miners, botanists, and fishers! It's time to GO.


Regarding the platforms of this Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, nothing has been said, but we should be able to enjoy it on Android, iOS and of course Windows Phone! As for the release date, it will also iron, we will probably have news on April 1, 2019, or not ...

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