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[GUIDE] What are the collectibles in Lost Ark, and what are they used for?

Lsot Akr Date: Jun/14/22 14:52:48 Views: 546

As an MMORPG with a bottle, Lost Ark offers something to enjoy for collectors; moving around Archesia will be an opportunity to collect, here and there, various objects of more or less usefulness. And since it is sometimes difficult to list everything, we offer you this guide with small onions. Enjoy!

[GUIDE] What are the collectibles in Lost Ark, and what are they used for?



Mokoko Seeds

Impossible to miss them! These seeds surmounted by a leaf are surrounded by a small luminous bubble when you click on it, and this is from the start of the game; indeed, you will find your first seed in Fierbourg, at the foot of a tree. Nothing easier, right?

Except that the following seeds, which you can find in each area, are more difficult to find: between two rocks, behind a cart, in the shade of a ruin. In short, they are well hidden! Finding them will increase your expedition level and benefit from related bonuses, providing a deep sense of satisfaction!



World Tree Leaves

Soon after unlocking the crafting skills and their respective quests, you can start leveling up a gathering, which will be very important! In Chateau-Lutheran, go and see Chapman in the Neria bar. He will tell you the story of the leaves of the World Tree, given by Regulus and blessed by Gienah. Their power is as immense as their rarity is excellent, hence the interest in recovering a maximum of them!

You can collect these precious leaves via all crafting skills, although the loot rate is meager. Anyway, you can exchange them for delicious rewards with Chapman, which we like!



Star of Orpheus

Once you complete the Papunika Continent story quests in their entirety, you will be able to pick up this unique Lost Ark items. You will then have to go to Shinshu Albion to exchange your Star for powerful rewards!



Giants Hearts

This time, head to the mysterious Isle of Wisdom, where you'll learn more about the Hearts of Giants: Lost deep in the mother since the Schools of Poten War, these powerful artifacts are primarily used by nobles and pirates.

After completing the aptly named The Hearts of the Lost Giant quest, you can exchange these precious items with Librarian Minerva for exclusive rewards.



Treasures of the Seas

Let's stay in the maritime theme with what promises to be a long adventure but is worth it! Complete quests in the continent of Arthetine to unlock Harvard, a somewhat particular crew member.


From there, you will need to find secret cards. These can be obtained in various ways:

  1. He is
  2. Wrecks
  3. Floating Merchants
  4. Adventure Log Rewards


These cards will provide you with valuable clues, allowing you to hunt for these famous treasures. Once done, go to the Peyto Liner to exchange them for exclusive rewards with the Batius Humpback Whale. If all these steps seem a bit laborious, the Treasures of the Seas remain a rather original content of Lost Ark and will satisfy all boat enthusiasts!



Symbols d'Ignia

This is probably one of the most accessible rewards, yet one of the hardest! You will need to complete 100% of the Adventure Log for each region to unlock a Symbol of Ignea!

Once you have one (or more!) in your possession, see Neria in Château-Lutéran to exchange them for rewards.




This is a slight change here since it's a long but not necessarily dull farm! The Bedini family has had its precious paintings stolen and will reward adventurers who bring them back. You can return them to Sunflower Island with Alphonse Bedichi.

Here is a small list below that will help you find ten relatively easily, knowing that there are currently about sixty lost in Artesia!

  •  Sunflower Island: Complete the Artist in Residence quest.
  • Lonely Island: Acquire 30 Island Symbols.
  • Eastern Lutheran: Reach 50% of the Adventure Log.
  • Eastern Lutheran: Complete the Agent of Toronto quest.
  • Tortoyk: Achieve 50% Adventure Log.
  • Anich: reach 50% of the adventure log.
  • Bern-Nord: reach 50% of the adventure log.
  • Silensierra: reach 40% of the adventure log.
  • Fortress: purchase 4,250 Raid Seals.
  • Yulia: Complete The Cursed Ruins quest.


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