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Path Of Exile Fallen Angel Armour Set Looks Awesome

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/21/18 13:48:39 Views: 210
In Path of Exile, GGG are just introduced the Fallen Angel Armour Set. This armour set decorated with metal spikes will create a modern gothic look for your exile. 
You can watch the official video below, at the same time, don't forget to have enough poe exalted orb to make you more powerful in the game:
The set looks awesome as is, but you could always enhance it with other microtransactions from the store. For example, the Crnaage Shield, Blackguard Cloak, Colossus Sword or Crypt Sword imbued with Carnage Weapon Effect will help to complete this outfit.
"If there's someone paying its worth it. I will go even further, if they raise the price people will buy anyway, so in that concept its worth more than that. I have a bit of MTX, four sets, wings and plenty of stuff. It's has been three leagues that I don't help GGG."
"Plenty of nerfs that I don't agree how they were made, and more incoming. But thats me, they seem to do pretty well even without any of my support. And I think if people are happy they should keep supporting."
"The helm ruins the entire set. Also its really hilarious how inconsistent GGG is with the quality of their MTX. I wonder who the one artist is that comes up with these awful designs."
"Yet another godawful mtx. They should really consider hiring some new designers, or collaborating with the ones who are working on the China realm, the difference is night and day."
"I actually like this one a lot. I've never bought mtx armor sets before but after seeing this I'm thinking about it. After reading the comments here, I guess I'm in the minority."
What about you? Do you like this Fallen Angel Armour Set?
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