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Path Of Exile Is Always Working On New Expansion

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/12/18 14:29:11 Views: 121

Path of Exile - a multiplayer game in the genre Action / RPG with a big bias towards Hack & Slash. The game was developed by a group of independent developers from New Zealand, united under their brand "GGG".



The game is a typical representative of its genre and, to a certain extent, doomed to an eternal comparison with another game - Diablo. However, if you look at things objectively, then any game in this genre will have elements of the legendary creation of Blizzard simply because they were the first.


The game has a pretty exciting storyline and the very "gothic" atmosphere that fans of this genre appreciate and love. It is distributed completely free of charge, and the few things that are sold for money are not able to change the balance and are called, in fact, only to emphasize the player's external personality.


The last update was released very recently - in April 2018 - and significantly expanded the storyline, making the gameplay really fascinating. As Path of Exile is the fastest selling video game worldwide, the value of its in-game currency has grown in popularity. Get more news from our website: www.u4gm.com. It sells cheap PoE currency buy. If you buy here, you will get fast delivery and best service.




The Path of Exile is completely free

The gloomy and cruel world with a fixed camera

Battles with hordes of enemies in diverse and unique locations

Randomly generated levels and items that guarantee a high level of replayability

Stable game servers that support hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously

Ladder for each league

Exciting battles with a large number of combinable skills

Battles in tournaments for world recognition


System requirements:


Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7/8

Processor: x86-compatible processor with a clock speed of 1.4GHz or higher

Memory: 2 GB

Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, or ATI Radeon X1950 Pro, or higher.

Free space on HDD: 5 GB

Sound card, keyboard, mouse, internet

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