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Path Of Exile Will Kick Off Its Next Challenge League

Path Of Exile Date: Feb/24/18 14:55:25 Views: 43

From March 2, Path of Exile will kick off its next league of challenges, Bestiary, unlocking a new feature. With the help of a hunter-scavenger Einhar Frey, the player will be able to learn how to capture the beasts of the world of Wraeclast first to learn more about the local fauna (and knowledge contributes to survival) but also to feeding his own menagerie before sacrificing some of his beasts as part of craft rituals to produce particularly powerful items, even portals to other worlds to hunt Spiritual Beasts (giving access to artifacts levels). The more we learn about the bestiary Wraeclast, the more hunters will have access to rare and powerful beasts and therefore to the craft items to match.




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